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Based in Mexico City, Arroba&Pd is a creative agency for the digital age. We believe that our model represents something new in the advertising industry. We meet the needs of digital age brands. We believe in innovation, attitude and character.


We believe that technology is highly powerful and can change people’s lives. This creates an opportunity for brands to connect to them. Digital is currently the backbone of advertising mainstream. We go where your customers go.


This is who we are, this is how we roll.


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Who we are

Meet the team
Daniel Casal
CEO Agency

``Success lies in perserverence. Don´t give up!``

Gracia Cardador
Senior Communication & PR Consultant

``Loving paper``

Beatriz Díez Cabello
Account Manager

``We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them``

Pedro Pablo Etienne
Branded Content Director

``Content is new add``

Erin Oleynek
Social Maker

``A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions``

Raquel Benito
Art Director

“I´m not afraid, i was born to do this.”

Desirée Heranz

``I’ll be brief. Meow``

Paola Contreras ( paopink )
Creative Director México

¨There`s always a reason to smile¨

Kerry Goddard
Social Maker

``Tell a good story. Make it count``

Paola Catillo
Executive Account

¨ Dare to dream big ¨

Javier Prieto
Social Maker

``One step further``

Sandra Marzán Castro
Cost Controller

``The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done``

Sergio Quindós
Brand Supervisor Bilbao

``If you can dream it, you can do it``

Andrés Lillo

``Where ideas are born, grow, and should the client want, are made real``

Gustavo Gou
CEO Agency Mexico

¨ Content is everything ¨

José Luis Esteo
Executive Creative Director

``In this vertiginous world taking the time to stop and think is the way to get anywhere faster``

Arantzazu Martínez
Strategy Director

``Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic``

Jorge Solís
Business Development Director

``Cultivation of ideas is necessary for the future``

Fernando Chivite Arraiz
Brand Supervisor

``Knowledge increases our power as much as it decreases our pride``

Marcos Fernández Fernández
Executive Account

``There’s an issue``

Ivan Zuñiga
New Business Executive

``I help people understand numbers``

Marta Barcía
Social Maker

This translation sounds strange in English, can I review it?

Paula Acebo
Social Maker

``If you don’t share it, it doesn’t count``

Luis Mozo
Art Director

Luis Antonio López Bruno
Digital Platforms Coordinator

¨Ride fast or die¨

María Imedio Catalán
Executive Account & Communications Manager

``Someone with an innovative idea is crazy until the idea becomes a success``

Mariana Fuentes
Creative and Multimedia

¨Think different, go green¨

Borja Ramos Arriba
Social Maker

``Just keep making campaigns to improve your assets``

Fernando López del Hierro

``An idea isn't an idea until it's executed``


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